Madeleine Micke
Ganzheitliche Gesundheits- und Ernährungsberaterin

Feedback is a gift.

Tell me your opinion. It is important to me how you feel, whether your expectations have been met, what has helped you particularly well, whether you would recommend me to others. Thank you so much!

Feedback on my consultations and courses

Hello Madeleine! 

The course to start complementary foods was great. The content was very well prepared, comprehensible and without much "chi-chi". I always look up something in the script, even if it has been some time now, everything is easy to understand. The duration of the session was just right, I also really liked the fact that we were only 3 participants and it was no problem, for example, to take a short break for changing diapers or to feed the baby at the same time.

And you are really great, Madeleine. You can tell that the topic is very important to you and that you have a lot of fun with it. You convey your immense knowledge very competently and in a good mood. I appreciate that you have repeatedly emphasized that there are no fixed guidelines for complementary food, but that we mums should pay attention to our tummy and our babies and that your content serves as a framework, and not as a raised index finger. ;O)Recommended all round, thank you very much! :O

Tanti saluti, greetings to beautiful Rome,

Leonie, Jan 2021


Hello Madeleine
Thank you very much for the great advice. I'm so glad I signed up for your course.

Ina S., Jan 2021


Dear Madeleine,

 thank you very much for your excellent professional and loving advice.
You stood by my side in my difficult life situation with your extraordinary knowledge and kind nature. In your weekly conversations, which are always very constructive and again with new suggestions, which I always gladly accepted and which have helped me a lot to stand up for myself.

I was able to implement your good advice one to one. The nutrition plan you worked out was ideal for my joint pain, which has largely disappeared. So I was able to successfully improve my general condition. I lost about 6 kg and feel incredibly good.
I thank you again for your loving and always nice care who always found a good way for me to help me.

I can only warmly recommend you. You are an extraordinary, loving and very competent therapist an open ear and always has or finds solutions.

I wish you all the best for your professional and private path, with lots of success and, above all, health.

Margarete D., Jan 2021

PS: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Dear Madeleine,

I am very happy to have gotten to know you and this course.
Your knowledge has taken away my uncertainty about complementary foods and now I'm really looking forward to implementing your tips and tricks.
Thank you for having an answer to every one of my questions and, above all, for taking your time.

I hope that many more mothers will take part in your courses.

With best regards
Dilan K., Sept 2020


Dear Madeleine, 

Your extensive knowledge of healthy and balanced nutrition and the associated effects on our daily life and feelings has helped me a lot to take the first steps towards more joy and quality of life. You took a lot of time and I can always reach you with any questions that arise. I have always felt that I was in good hands, taken seriously and holistically and was able to openly address all topics. Even those that you might not initially associate with your own diet!

Thanks for your help and your time! Keep it up!

Nadine H., July 2020


Dear Madeleine!

Thank you very much for your competent and professional support! I felt understood and looked after at all times!
The discussions and consultations did me very good and motivated me not to lose sight of my goal. Your support is professional and empathetic at the same time! Keep it up!
You do a great job and you can tell that it is your calling !!!!
Thank you !

Nadja D., July 2020