Madeleine Micke
Ganzheitliche Gesundheits- und Ernährungsberaterin

The first thing my friend Nadja said to me when I told her that I was trained as a holistic nutritionist was: "Oat last!!!".

Nutrition has been my great passion for more than 15 years. I'm Madeleine Micke, happily married and mother of 3 wonderful boys.

Classically, it all started with the birth of my first son. Since then, I have been reading books about healthy food, researching, exchanging ideas with other nutrition experts, trying out trends and am happy to be inspired, whether locally or through our many trips around the globe. I am curious and open to everything healthy and delicious that ends up on the plate. Because we are what we eat.

I originally studied business administration. More than 3 years ago, I moved with my family from Ludwigsburg to Italy, more precisely to beautiful Rome. This gave my view of life and food another decisive impulse.

It was precisely this time I took intensive advantage not only to complete the training as a specialist consultant for holistic health and to further my education, but also to immerse myself with pleasure in the Italian ESSENSKULTURE of Mediterranean food, to get to know the TRADITIONALS, to experience the EVALUATION of the Italians to their foods and, of course, to the "DOLCE VITA".

My head was free to think about what I wanted to do with all my accumulated knowledge and experience in healthy eating in combination with my interest in people! That has become of it and it goes even further...

  • certified SPECIALIST CONSULTANT FOR HOLIST HEALTH at the Academy of Naturopathy/Switzerland
  • certified NUTRITION CONSULTANT FOR PATTULARS/STILLING/NEWAL BUORS/CLONE CHILDREN at the alternative practitioner school Isolde Richter
  • certified VITALSTOFFBERATER at the Heilpraktikerschule Isolde Richter
  • FASTENLEITERIN i. A. at the alternative practitioner school Isolde Richter